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heroes: ride the wild wind

Title: Ride the Wild Wind
Author: kel_fish
Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Nathan/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nathan and Peter do not belong to me, but I do own the dirty things my mind makes them do.
Warnings: Spoilers up to "Truth and Consequences."
Author's note: Written for the mission_insane prompt, "Wind." Many, many special thanks to both bettareader and oh_mcgee for their support and feedback, because without them this story would not have ever been posted.
Summary: Peter and Nathan reunite in the place where everything started.

It was funny how, looking back on everything that had happened since the eclipse, Peter could trace it all to one moment; stepping off the roof of his apartment building and into his brother’s arms. Something about that had been so beautifully, sickeningly poetic that it made Peter’s eyes and teeth ache; every endeavor he’d ever made, Nathan had been there to pick up the pieces when he failed. Sometimes Peter wished Nathan had just let him fall to the cement below—at least that way the consequences would have been entirely his own to bear. But everything about Nathan that irked him to no end, Peter also loved him for.

And now here he was, back on the same rooftop and looking down at the city not-too-far below, waiting for his brother to come and answer his call; something that Nathan had never been able to resist—from scraped knees to nuclear explosions, Peter’s big brother was always there to make sure that he came out all right, even if doing so nearly ended in his death.

He stepped up onto the ledge and looked up at the night sky, almost missing the stars that had been so visible in Cork. He felt the cold New York breeze against his body, the sensation still odd to him now that his long hair no longer whipped around his face and stung his cheeks. He had tried to return to Caitlin, but found that he and Adam had changed the future with her still trapped within it; she was lost in a world that no longer existed, one where she may or may not have already died because of the Shanti plague. And as for the virus itself, Adam was waiting for him back in Texas so they could destroy it, but had understood Peter’s need to see his brother before confronting those involved with the Company.

Peter had immediately booked a flight to New York, daylight be damned, only to find that his mother was in prison for murder, his sister-in-law was isolating herself and her sons from the rest of the Petrelli family as much as was humanly possible, and his brother was missing. He hadn’t worried too much about the latter piece of information, though, since he only had to call Nathan’s cell phone. He wondered briefly why he hadn’t just done so in the first place, but then he’d thought of Adam and what they planned to do in just a few hours; he didn’t want Nathan to fly to Odessa and get himself involved. For once, Peter was going to take care of things on his own.

Nathan had instantly answered his phone, his tone disbelieving. Peter had only to inform his brother that he was on “the roof” before Nathan ordered him not to move from that spot, saying he would be there soon. Peter had hung up slowly, finding his mouth suddenly dry. And he was still parched when he saw the tiniest speck up in the sky, noticeable only because of the speed at which it was moving. Nathan was coming home.

Peter watched the small dot grow rapidly larger, approaching him in a matter of several seconds. It arced up higher into the sky, far above the building, paused in mid-air, then descended slowly toward the earth, finally landing on the roof behind Peter in the form of his big brother.

Peter remained on the ledge for a few seconds longer, looking over his shoulder and wondering if he was really here or if he was dreaming again—one of the fevered dreams he’d had so many times in Ireland that always ended in emptiness. He turned around and peered down at the man standing below him. “Nathan?” he asked quietly, afraid his voice would break if he spoke any louder.

“Peter?” Nathan’s voice was just as soft, his expression uncharacteristically open. He took a step forward, then hesitated, his mouth opening to say nothing. He swallowed, looking the younger man over. “Peter,” he confirmed. “I—”

Peter jumped down so he was standing in front of his brother. “You look different,” he said, a smirk beginning to take form on his features. Nathan laughed, tears at the corners of his eyes, and pulled Peter into a bone-crushing hug, squeezing the air out of his lungs. “You do, too,” he whispered into his ear, rubbing his back with his hands. “What happened to you?”

Peter shrugged and scratched the back of his head. “Does it matter? I’m here now.” At Nathan’s persistent look, he sighed and rolled his eyes. “I woke up in a cargo hold in Cork, Ireland and I didn’t even know who I was. But I remembered you, so I came back. The end.” He returned his brother’s embrace, not wanting him to ask any more questions. Nathan kissed the top of his head. “I almost thought you were—”

Peter shook his head, then pressed a kiss to the curve where Nathan’s neck met his shoulder. “No, I’m still here.” They stayed like that for a long time, dancing to a soundless tune. “I missed you, Peter,” Nathan confessed, not breaking the rhythm of their dance.

“I know.” Peter nuzzled the skin just in front of Nathan’s ear. “But I’m back. I’m here and—” He paused in order to nip the older man’s lobe. “I missed you, too.” Nathan just sighed and continued to rock them back and forth slowly, dancing to a silent duet they’d been singing together for years. After several minutes slowly drew by, Nathan gently kissed the nape of Peter’s neck. “Peter?”

“Yeah?” Peter murmured, eyes closed as he leaned against his brother.

“Let’s fly together,” Nathan suggested.

Peter laughed. “Are you trying to tell me that you actually want to fly?” He smirked. “What about your image?”

Nathan shrugged. “I don’t really have an image to maintain anymore, do I? Besides, it’s night, and no one’s paying attention to us up here anyway.” He looked down, his eyelashes brushing against his cheeks. “Besides, I feel like we should enjoy flying, for once.”

Peter stopped moving. “You’re serious?” He lifted his head from his brother’s shoulder in order to study his face. “Shouldn’t we be laying low after everything that’s happened?”

Nathan grinned teasingly. “Since when have you cared about being seen?”

“Since when have you not?” Peter retorted, shifting uncomfortably.

“Peter, what’s wrong?” Nathan asked, observing his brother’s tense demeanor with concern.

“Nothing,” Peter said shortly, breaking out of Nathan’s hold and putting distance between them. “I just don’t feel like flying right now, okay?”

“Peter.” Nathan’s voice was authoritative, and Peter found himself responding to it as he always had when he was a child, reluctantly turning around to face him. Nathan was silent for a few moments as he looked his brother over again, then said, “You… you’re afraid to fly.” Peter only looked down at his shoes. Nathan’s features pulled tight into a frown. “All this time…?” When Peter still refused to meet his eyes, Nathan cleared his throat and nodded determinedly. “Right.” He took three long strides toward his brother, and the younger man only had time to look up, eyes wide with fear, before Nathan’s arms clamped around him and lifted him up into the sky.

“Nathan! Don’t!” Peter exclaimed, trying to push away. Nathan’s grip on his waist only tightened, propelling them further and further away from the city below them. “Please!”

“You’re okay, Peter,” Nathan shouted, his voice barely audible over the wind that whipped around them. “Just fly with me.”

“I can’t!” Peter cried, clutching his brother’s shoulders, his knuckles white. “Take me back down!”

“No!” Nathan shook his head. “I won’t let you bury yourself under your fear. You’re strong, Peter! You can do this! You control your powers; it isn’t the other way around!” He felt Peter slump against him, his weight bearing down on his arms, and looked down to see him crying. He drew to a halt far above New York, holding his brother as he tried to soothe his fears. “Just let go, Peter. You’re all right.” He kept his lips close to Peter’s ear so that his brother would be able to hear him over the strong gale rushing past them. The cold, dry element blasted against his face, making his eyes water. “You’re okay.”

When Peter’s sobs receded to sniffles, Nathan loosened his hold on him and rested his cheek on the top of the younger man’s head. “You’ll be fine.”

Peter drew in a shaky breath, burrowing his face into Nathan’s chest. “I just… I can’t—every time I think of flying, I remember…” He shuddered. “Please let’s just go back down,” he begged, his eyes closed tightly as he sucked in air through clenched teeth.

“All right.” Nathan licked his lips, preparing himself for what he was about to do. “Sorry,” he whispered, the wind stealing the apology before it reached Peter’s ears. Then he ripped his arms away from his brother and roughly pushed him away. His heart froze up as his throat constricted, and he locked eyes with Peter’s for a split second. Upon seeing the fear and betrayal that gazed back at him, Nathan almost yanked the younger man back into his arms, but he just barely managed to restrain himself, knowing that Peter needed this; that this was for his own good.

“Nathan!” Peter screamed, plummeting toward the earth below. His arms windmilled, trying to find purchase in the gusts that buffeted him around. “Oh God!” He found it hard to draw in a breath as the wind overwhelmed his senses, his vision blurred by tears. “I can’t… no!” he shouted, rebelling against the myriad of images that flashed across his mind—memories of pain unreal, of control slipping from his fingers. “Just… let go!” He threw his arms out, then gasped in surprise when his body went into a tailspin, trying to regain equilibrium as he pulled himself to an abrupt halt mid-fall.

When he was level enough to return himself to a vertical position, Peter spread his arms out tentatively and remained motionless for several seconds, breathing hard. When he didn’t slip up and resume falling, he let out a startled laugh, the sound just barely reaching Nathan’s ears over the rough atmosphere. Peter cried out triumphantly and pumped his fist into the air, then looked up at his brother, grinning almost crazily. “I’m flying!” he exclaimed, every inch of his body radiating pure joy. He shot up to his brother, floating so that they were at eye level, then threw a glance down at the busy street below them. Laughter bubbled up again, and he threw his arms around his brother. “We’re flying, Nathan!” He buried his face into the older man’s neck, nuzzled the warm flesh just above the material of his coat. “Thank you,” he said, speaking with just enough volume to be heard.

“You’re welcome,” Nathan said raggedly; not wanting his brother to know how scared he’d felt; how he had been just about to take him back into his arms a moment before Peter had saved himself. Peter laughed again, and Nathan felt a shudder of relief pass through him, his worry expelled and carried away on the night breeze. “I love you.”

He felt Peter’s lips stretch into an even bigger smile against his skin. “I love you, too,” he said, then added, “dick,” before pushing Nathan away from him much the same way he’d been minutes before. Peter giggled maniacally and stuck his tongue out at his big brother before darting further up into the sky. “You’re it!” he yelled, veering sharply to the right as he sped away from the older man. Nathan stared up at his brother in disbelief, then snorted and took off after him, ducking his head to push through the heavy wind blowing against him. He could just barely make out Peter’s figure from the tears in his eyes, but he couldn’t shield them from the air because he needed both of his arms straight for increased wind resistance.

While Peter had a considerable head start and was flying fast, Nathan had more experience and was able to catch up with him fairly quickly. He looped his arms around Peter’s chest and spun him around, laughing along with his brother as the wind pushed against them and rippled through their clothes like waves. When he had enough momentum, he tossed Peter away from him again, sending him off in a flying cartwheel as he laughed madly.

Nathan shook his head, grinning as he watched his brother right himself again and come charging back. He easily deflected his little brother and threw him upward, then closed the distance between them in order collide against him, slamming their bodies together as he continued to lift them higher toward the clouds. He placed his hand on the back of Peter’s neck and buried his fingers in the now-short black hair, then looped his free arm around the younger man’s waist, splaying his hand over his ass. “Caught you,” he murmured into Peter’s ear, smiling.

Peter chuckled warmly and looped his arms around Nathan’s neck, relaxing against him as Nathan slowed their ascent to a smooth stop. They resumed their slow dance, holding each other close in order to share body heat. After several minutes passed them by, swept along on the breeze, Peter shifted so Nathan could feel his growing hard on. He felt, rather than heard, Nathan gasp, and tilted his head up to look at him.

Nathan gazed back at him, his eyes darkening. He swallowed and licked his lips before leaning in to press his lips to the younger man’s, chastely at first, but quickly deepening the kiss and sliding his tongue inside. Peter moaned and thrust his hips slowly into Nathan’s, rubbing himself against the older man’s thigh. Nathan reached down and cupped Peter’s erection through his jeans, making him inhale sharply. “Bedroom,” he ordered, brushing his lips against the sensitive spot below Peter’s ear. “Now.”

Peter shivered with arousal as Nathan moved the hand from his crotch to brush his lips with the pad of his thumb. Peter opened his mouth and sucked in his brother’s thumb, rolling his tongue over it suggestively before nipping it lightly with his teeth, all while keeping his eyes locked on the other man’s. “I’d like that,” he finally replied, too quietly to be heard over the persistent breeze.

Nathan merely nodded, still twirling them around in sluggish, lazy circles, but they began to descend gently toward the earth. The lights and sounds of the city drew closer, and Nathan finally tilted forward so that Peter was angled beneath him, taking them back to Peter’s apartment building. When they reached their destination, he dropped further down and let go of his brother so they could each fly into Peter’s apartment through his open window. Nathan slipped into the cluttered living room first, managing to land in a manner that was more or less graceful.

He turned around just in time to see Peter wobble the slightest bit through the window and land hard against floor, stumbling forward. Nathan caught and steadied him, chuckling. “We’ll have to do this more often.” He stroked small circles into Peter’s bicep with his thumb, looking at the material of the gray sweatshirt covering it. Then he took a hold of his shoulders and pulled him in for another slow, searing kiss.

Peter gasped into Nathan’s mouth, the older man stealing his breath away like the wind never could. He returned the kiss ardently, eyes fluttering shut as he clasped either side of his brother’s face in his hands, massaging the underside of his tongue with his own. He brought one hand down and brushed his fingers lightly over Nathan’s crotch, then gently pinched his inner thigh.

Nathan groaned and his knees buckled slightly. “What was that?” he asked huskily, thrusting his leg between Peter’s thighs and trapping the younger man’s hand between their cocks. Peter inhaled shakily, biting his lip. “I thought we were going into the bedroom?” he asked breathlessly. Nathan made a noise of assent, nodding before nudging Peter’s thighs further apart with his leg. “Go,” he commanded, jerking his head in the direction of Peter’s bedroom. Peter attempted to buck against Nathan’s extended leg, but the other man pulled away quickly. “Now,” Nathan prompted. He reached out to trace one of Peter’s eyebrows, then kissed each of his cheekbones before giving him a sharp slap on the ass that sent Peter forward a few steps, startled. “I’m waiting.”

Peter looked over his shoulder at Nathan, eyes hooded with desire. Then he turned around, walking toward his bedroom. He yanked his sweatshirt off en route, exposing his bare back to his older brother as he crossed the threshold into the room. Nathan’s mouth went dry as he watched his brother drop the sweatshirt on the floor, take off his shoes and socks, and then set to work unbuttoning his jeans. His brother had changed; he was no longer slim and soft, but was now sharp and defined. He swallowed and snapped his mouth shut, wondering when it had opened in the first place.

Peter slipped out of his jeans, exposing his ass and thighs, then stepped out of the rumpled denim puddle on the floor. He turned around to face Nathan, who had moved so he was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame as he watched him. Peter bit his lip and slouched uncertainly.

A confident smirk stretched Nathan’s lips and he straightened in the doorway, one arm still draped against it over his head. “On the bed,” he said authoritatively, waving with his free arm at the furniture in question. Peter sank down onto the bed, maneuvering himself so he was positioned in front of the center of the headboard. He looked back up at Nathan, eyes wide with lust.

“Tease your nipple,” Nathan instructed, watching his younger brother obey as he pinched the skin between forefinger and thumb, bruising the nipple as it hardened. “Now touch yourself with your other hand.” Nathan’s voice was low and raspy, his eyes burning with an intensity that almost scared the younger man in front of him.

Peter made a strangled noise, trailing his free hand down his sternum, his ribs, then his belly, and finally he curled his fingers around his cock, squeezing down on the pulse throbbing at the base. “Slide your hand down the shaft.” Nathan’s voice was little more than a whisper. Peter did as he was told as the older man shrugged out of his coat and draped it over a chair in the corner, then set to work undoing his sleeves.

“Nathan,” Peter choked out, stroking himself.

“Slow down,” Nathan ordered as he unbuttoned the front of his shirt. He slipped it off one sleeve at a time and laid it out on top of his coat, not taking his eyes off of his brother once. Peter whined, but obeyed, giving one quick slap to his cock before spreading pre-cum along his cock and jacking himself off more slowly, trembling with the effort.

Nathan toed off his shoes, then peeled off his socks, placing them neatly under the chair, and started taking off his pants. Peter’s breathing became increasingly erratic, his eyes gorging on the site of Nathan’s dick as he struggled to maintain control. “Please,” he whimpered, shaking. “I need you.”

Nathan growled predatorily and lowered himself on the bed and leaned over Peter, kissing him hungrily as he batted the younger man’s hand away in order to replace it with his own. He pinched Peter’s balls, making the younger man squirm and whine with need. “Ssh,” Nathan said, taking hold of Peter’s dick and maneuvering it into his mouth. He sucked on the tip, moaning appreciatively when Peter instantly buried his fingers into Nathan’s hair and tugged.

Nathan sucked more of Peter into his mouth, scraping his teeth lightly along the soft flesh until his lips brushed against pubic hair and he could smell Peter’s musky scent. He relaxed the muscles in his throat, then began to slide his head up and down on Peter’s cock. Peter keened with pleasure and dug his heels into the bed, fucking Nathan’s mouth. Nathan grabbed Peter’s hips, holding him still on the bed. He lifted his head up, mouth leaving Peter’s dick with a wet popping sound, and pinched his brother’s ass sharply. “We’re going to take this slow, Pete,” he murmured, his tone leaving no possibility for protests. “I’ve waited too long to have you like this again, and you’re going to come when I say you can. Understand?”

Peter gulped, gasping for air as he nodded emphatically. “Okay, okay,” he rasped. “I’m sorry. Just—please… I need you inside me, Nate.” He cupped the side of his brother’s face with his free hand and kissed him sloppily. “Fuck me,” he pleaded, his breath hot against Nathan’s cheek.

Nathan closed his eyes and drew in a breath, pursing his lips together. “Okay, Pete,” he said softly, licking his lips. “Okay.” He gripped Peter’s hips again, then yanked him further down the bed so he was flat on his back. He opened up the nightstand drawer and pulled out a half-empty bottle of hand lotion, slathering his dick with the unscented generic brand. Then he lifted Peter’s legs up onto his shoulders, grabbing Peter’s hands and pinning them on either side of his head. “I’ll take care of you,” he promised, biting Peter’s lower lip and leaving a wet kiss on the corner of his mouth before lining himself up with the younger man’s entrance and sliding in slowly.

Peter’s jaw clenched and he reached up to grip the headboard, sucking in air. Nathan halted his movements, waiting for Peter to adjust, then slid in more until he was balls deep in the other man. He began to move in and out of him slowly, watching every emotion that flitted across his face, reveling in the sensation that he could only experience when he was fucking his brother. Nathan placed one hand on the headboard, and the other on Peter’s shoulder, bracing himself as he quickened his pace.

The younger Petrelli seemed to have lost the ability to breathe. “Uhn! Nathan! Fuck!” His grip on the headboard tightened until his fingers creaked from the stress. “Oh, God—I can’t—” He pounded the wall behind him with his fist, then brought his knuckles to his mouth and bit down, hard. “Please, let me come!” he begged, his words muffled by his hand. He inhaled deeply through his nose, trying to keep up with his brother.

Nathan felt himself drawing close as well, all of the pent up tension from the past four months threatening to rush out of him at any moment. “Hang on, Pete,” he ground out. His hips jack-hammered into Peter, who let out a long, high-pitched shriek of frustration. When Nathan felt that he couldn’t hold out any longer, he grabbed Peter’s cock and yelled, “Now, Pete!” He jerked Peter off, doubling over as he came as well. As he finished, he let out a sound that was somewhere between a sigh of relief and a sob, and collapsed on the bed next to Peter.

Peter’s eyes were closed, his breaths slowing and evening out. Nathan reached out and scooped Peter up into his arms, rolling him over so he was nestled against his side as a bemused smile lit up his features. “You’re already falling asleep?” he asked, holding back a yawn himself.

“Haven’t gotten much lately,” Peter mumbled, slipping one of his legs between Nathan’s in order to get more comfortable. He was asleep within seconds.

Nathan laughed tiredly, carding Peter’s hair as he listened to the younger man snore softly. “We’re not done yet,” he informed him. “Not by a long shot.”
Tags: fandom: heroes, fanfiction, nathan, pairing: nathan/peter, peter, rating: nc-17
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